Hede safety helps you choose the right dressing

Roll patches, fingertip patches, burn patches or bleeding-stopping dressings? Hede Safety guides you to the types of patches you need to have in the first dressing bag. Is there a bandage missing in the workplace? Order quickly and easily via Hede Safety’s online store. Here you can also request a quote.

The word plaster comes from the Greek and means to lubricate or break. From the beginning, the plaster was an ointment that was applied to the wound. The modern patch, a small bandage, was invented in the United States in 1920. Today, there are several different types of patches ー for all situations.


When is a patch on a roll a good alternative?

Roll patches can be used for many different wounds because the patch can be cut to the desired length. Patches made of
elastic material are a good choice for wounds that sit on the knees, elbows and joints.